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I remember clearly how excited I was to get my Searey back in 2003. I couldn't wait to experience all the imaginary adventures I had in mind. But, I was soon to discover how little I knew. There's a lot of great information I have learned along the way and I want to share it with you.

Since those early days I have taught hundreds of pilots - from Airline Captains, Military Fighter Pilots, Professional Instructors, Weekend Warriors and brand new pilots alike. My commitment is to make the adventures you have in your mind as safe and fun as can possibly be had!

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You have the dream of learning to fly. We have that same dream too! Moving from 'I know nothing' to 'I know something' and later 'I know a lot about that' takes practice, discipline and study. We've done it and so can you. We will help by showing you what you need to know.

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Courses are broken into manageable elements. You can try one, some or all and feel confident you'll really understand the material better than you ever thought possible. Imagine having the spectre of wondering whether you are doing things correctly dissapears!

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Federal Aviation Regulations, Airmans Information Manual, Coast Guard Inland Rules, State Regulation are all issues that come up when you want to fly seaplanes.
Airframe, Powerplant, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Avionics, Air Data systems are explained.
Bernoulli’s Principle, Boyle’s Law, Charle’s Law, Lift, Drag, Control Surfaces, Primary and Secondary control inputs, Static and Dynamic coupling are all items that will enlighten you and give you a better sense of why the aircraft is flying the way it does.
Have you ever seen those movies where they use the ‘Stop Motion’ technique to shoot a frame of film every 3-5 seconds? When you play it back it looks like time has sped up by 15-20 times as fast.
Well, we teach that fluid motion of air and water are basically identical. That notion can be a breakthrough for some who have never thought of it that way.
Patterns and Profiles are so much more fun when you know what is expected of you while flying them! When you trace a path through 3 dimensions and add in aircraft configurations and speeds to fly – that’s what we call Patterns and Profiles.

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Student Spotlight


This is the story of you during your training. It starts with curiosity and finishes with clarity.
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