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Welcome to SeareyTraining.com! This is the first post on this site and as I contemplate the goal for our website and how best to tell you what we will accomplish within this framework I suppose there is an overriding theme I’d like to develop and that is – COMMUNITY. We have an exciting opportunity to deliver information that is vital to … Read More

CaptainSpeak to Begin Campus Expansion Next Month

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  We have big dreams and big plans ahead!  Our goal for sharing our courses with pilots of all kinds has quite literally taken off.  With our growth we must shift our direction towards a new home.  We are going to base our operation at Orlando Executive Airport – ORL in the facilities of TraxAir next to SheltAir on the … Read More

Meet the Team

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Quod quidem nobis non saepe contingit. Nunc omni virtuti vitium contrario nomine opponitur. Quae quo sunt excelsiores, eo dant clariora indicia naturae. Re mihi non aeque satisfacit, et quidem locis pluribus. Qua tu etiam inprudens utebare non numquam. Quodsi ipsam honestatem undique pertectam atque absolutam. Quod idem cum vestri faciant, non satis magnam tribuunt inventoribus gratiam. Quorum altera prosunt, nocent … Read More

New On-Line Library Opening

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There’s nothing quite like the smell of virtual books on a the shelves of a brand new facility! Well, that’s the internet equivalent of what we’ve done here at SeareyTraining.com because you will be able to check out pilot resources and documentation anytime, anywhere. Feel free to browse over to the School House link on our menu and select LIBRARY


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This is your community. We are all part of it. Our hope is you will discover the incredible world of Searey Flying.  It is one large subject with a very small, tight-knit community of seriously dedicated and extremely fun people to be around. You are about to become part of that community, make no mistake about it. The instant you started … Read More