Enrollment Process.

Take a little time to understand the entire process and what commitment you will need to make

1 – Tour

Visit our YouTube Channel and select some of the offerings available. One you might watch in particular is my welcome introduction from my office in ORL - Orlando

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2 – Apply

We want to get the pertinent details all pilots must submit when applying for training. Our online forms capture this info for secure, virtual record keeping.

Apply Online

3 – Interview

Let's get to know each other. If the resources available online are still not providing the answers you're looking for the send us a message. We'll respond...

4 – Transcript

The SFIA - Searey Flight Instructors Association keeps track of your completion so vendors who need access to your transcripts can get it. You can show it to whomever you want.

5 – References

We'll need to confirm what you tell us is accurate. We may ask for confirmation from a variety of sources including the FAA, previous Instructors and Flight Schools.

6 – Notification

We stay in touch by various means - email, postal, DropBox, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the good ol' telephone. We'll let you know when class starts!

Download Syllabus.



Current, Qualified, Rated, Insured.

Reach your goals and become fully enriched by the knowledge and power of a solid, complete package of training. Knowing you're C-Q-R-I places you in the best scenario for safe, efficient and fun operations. You know you're ready and they know you're ready. This moves you closer towards professionalism.


SeareyTraining.com is a division of CaptainSpeak, LLC.

We are also a founding member of the SFIA - Searey Flight Instructors Association.

We are one of Progressive Aerodyne's most experienced Factory Approved Training Providers.

We are recognized by Insurance Markets as expertly qualified to provide Searey specific training


We provide training online

Use this site as the stepping stone to understanding before ever showing up at the airport. We will give you the foundation on which you can save hundreds of dollars and days worth of unnecessary expense because you learn at home on your own time. Get schooled then come see us!

We provide training in person

We use a daily rate plus expenses. Remember, you must have a Searey in order to get personal training from SeareyTraining.com

We are not a traditional FBO based flight school and do not have aircraft at our facility. We do have access to aircraft should you need that capability, however.



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