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This is your community. We are all part of it.

Our hope is you will discover the incredible world of Searey Flying.  It is one large subject with a very small, tight-knit community of seriously dedicated and extremely fun people to be around. You are about to become part of that community, make no mistake about it.

The instant you started to look around this site tells us a lot about who you are and what you could be interested in. We understand that information about flying is the most critical part to knowing what to do, how to do it better and moving your skills up a few notches. Members understand that flying Searey amphibians are much more fun than you can now realize. And we understand there have been setbacks in your past and questions about the future in your flying experiences.

Ask me how I know! (AMHIK)

Its fun to boast and brag about your latest secret Tiki Hut hamburger and how you have to fend off the alligators to get there (hundreds of ’em…) It’s fun to know at the end of the day you’ve learned something from your experiences. And sometimes we understand it’s not a lot of fun when you’ve discovered a scenario that put you in a risky situation you didn’t plan for. Your membership in this Blog is the place to learn about those things and more!

What you’ll learn first is what you’ll learn best

You should start your training here right away and this is why:

  • The fun factor stay up, safety is enhanced and your skill levels increase!
  • “There I was, out of altitude, airspeed, energy and ideas…”  We’ve done it all before.
  • Watching the sunset through the windscreen during an evening glass-off is unforgettable.

Sign up now and begin the journey to knowing exactly what to do

When you provide real solutions and insights for your prospects and customers, you build trust and authority that will allow you to deepen the conversation further with an opt-in or call-to-action. Sign up here! This is where a compelling call to action makes it clear to your readers what they need to do next to implement your solution. Good luck!

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